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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 14, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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oakland' every police department in america does it. >> except for oakland. the highly controversial policy this former lapd chief wants to bring to the city dealing with increased violence. plus flu shot shortage. part of the bay area where it is hard to find the vaccine. >> there you go. >> sweeping the bay area and social media the move proving it is not too late to jump on the 49ers band wagon. >> we are headed for another freezing night for some it will be one of the coldest of the winter, cbs 5 chief
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meteorologist, paul. >> what is this canada? six straight nights, with temperatures below freezing. it will be another cold one tonight. winds are calmer another widespread freeze in the north bay also our interior valleys of the east bay. under a freeze warning for the sixth straight night. another frost advisory, on the peninsula this has been a trend half way through january right now san jose running five and a half degrees below average that is significant. concord nearly 5 degrees below. san francisco a little better but still cold, 3 degrees below average. things will change big time soon find out when the 60s are coming back, that is coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then. it will be tough to stay warm for a few dozen people in lark spur because a 150-foot tree smashed into a house across the street here taking down power lines with it. about 70 customers lost power,
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30 still in the dark until at least tomorrow morning. worry overnight freezing temperatures could lead to a problem we saw this morning, black ice in the east bay caused this multi car pile up near the claire mount resort in berkeley. no body was hurt. cold weather is threatening central valley cropproduce prices are skyrocketing as a result. farm workers spent the day protecting crops from another night of frost. last night's temperature were not low enough to kill the crop but id did do cosmetic damage and will reduce the shelf life of the artichokes.
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>> the longer it stays below freezing the more damage, the tissue will turn black. however we haven't gotten to that stage yet. >> consumers are feeling the consequences. citrus increased overnight almost doubling. to pinpoint how cold it will get in your neighbourhood go to a sudden surge in gang violence has turned the streets of oakland into a war zone there have been 16 shootings there, in the past three day it is latest just two hours ago, four of the victims died all within a six hour stretch friday the killings prompted
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calls for the crime ridden city to declare a state of emergency. howard jordan said it hasn't hit that point just yet. >> i don't believe we have reached that threshold. the national guard isn't necessary at this point in the meantime, asking for federal help, asking for housing authority, will go a long way. the chief says most of the recent violence can be traced to a pair of warring gangs still, just two weeks into 2013 the city has already seen, half a dozen homicides there were just two this time last year. now that city is making a big money bet on a legendary law man to try to turn things around. linda yee tells us a controversial crime fighting tactic he calls a must have might be a tough sell. >> reporter: it was a bloody weekend for oakland and a stronger argument for the city's soon to be hired police consultant to impose one of his controversial policies, stopping and searching suspicious people, otherwise known as stop and frisk. in a satellite interview from new york he told cbs 5 he won't back off from what he believes works. >> any city to say they don't do stop and frisk i'm sorry they don't know what the hell they are talking about. >> reporter: the practice has come under fire civil rights activists are suing police for stopping and searching people
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in privately owned buildings. >> if it is constitutional i am not against that. >> reporter: oakland attorney john burres promises to watch carefully. >> just because they are walking down the street, african american male, live in a certain neighbourhood. >> every police department in america does it the challenge is do it constitutionally within the law challenge is to do it compassionately. >> reporter: he has the support of new city councilman who heads the public safety committee. >> we are politicians, not police officers, not police officers in training the mayor certainly is not. therefore we hire a police chief and police officers to do a job to guarantee the safety and security of our neighbourhoods and we need to let them do their jobs. >> i am sorry any police department in america that
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tries to function without some form of stop and frisk, is doomed to failure. it is that simple. >> reporter: if city council approves the contract as expected he will start work february 10th. he is also consulting with the detroit police department and could soon work with baltimore which just hired a new chief who just left oakland. linda yee cbs 5. san jose has a new acting police chief. he will serve as the interim chief while city leaders search for a replacement for chris moore. he has been with the san jose police department for 27 years, he has been deputy chief since last february commanding the bureau of field operations. it has been one month since sandy hook elementary massacre in new town connecticut. president obama marked the somber moment with a new call for tighter gun control.
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>> if there is a step we can take that will save even one child from what happened in new town we should take that step. we have to have stronger background checks that we can do a much better job in terms of keeping these magazine clips with high capacity out of the hands of folks who shouldn't have them. >> the president intends to lay out his plans for curbing gun violence later this week. nra is promising strong resistance. most school aged kids used to only have an occasional fire drill. now san francisco schools are adding another. active shooter drills. san francisco police department is gearing up for the possibility of a school gunman by getting digital maps of all the campus buildings. police say the floor plans will
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help them in the chaotic early moments of a school shooting. >> make it available online on a secure website, two personnel responding, so we can get there
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once we get there, we will know immediately what the floor plans look like contact numbers who the people in charge are
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who we can call immediately. >> the first digital floor plans available will be in richmond district which has the highest concentration of schools. >> you haven't gotten it it is likely you know someone who has, the flu. one of the best ways to protect yourself is in short supply. one part of the bay area that is having a tough time keeping up with demand. >> reporter: despite signs baekenning customers inside, nearly all cvs pharmacies in the bay area have run out. the nations largest pharmacy could not keep up with local demand after calling nearly
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every single cvs it is easier to show where they still have doses, in palo alto, kami know real and fremont at the hub have a good number on hand. >> that doesn't mean there is no vaccine, people some times forget their own health care providers have vaccines. >> reporter: he says your best option now is go to the doctor since they use different suppliers. the county keeps their own supply but vaccines are only vailable to low income patients. >> is there time to get a vaccination and not get sick? >> yes. >> reporter: other cities hit hard have seen widespread vaccine shortages, california had 16 million doses of flu and 16 million doses of anti virals. california is not sharing any of its supply to states running out they are saving it for weeks ahead. a cvs spokesperson did not explain why the company did not see the rush company. we are making every effort to resupply. >> they need to stock up more. >> delay means they will have to roll the dice and wait, go to a competitor or make an appointment. >> what if you get sick in that time? >> you are out of luck. you get sick. you lose work and money.
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pgh >> president obama says raising the debt limit can't be tied to spending cuts in a news conference he said congress needs to act fast to avoid hurting the economy. tim geithner says the nation could run out of money as soon as mid-february. different budget situation for california legislature's nonpartisan budget analysts agrees with the governor after years of multi billion dollar budgets,. after years of fighting doping allegations lance armstrong is coming clean the cycling legend sat down with oprah for an interview this afternoon at his
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a homeland security warning for your computer. julie watts with the security
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flaw that could leave you exposed. >> i don't know if it is unprecedented but it is rarely done.
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>> reporter: he is talking about the homeland security warn ing to disable java software on
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your computer. hackers are exploiting vulnerables allowing you to be tricked into logging into fake bank siteusing your computer to attack other sites. or call has released a patch but security experts says the not good enough.
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>> this is one of the ongoing tensions with java it is very old as patches are released and they do plug certain holes others may not get addressed. >> reporter: java allows programmers to write
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away from stanford. but cbs reporter sharon chin shows : he's already cooked up a pry clever plan to pay for it. 13 year old tucker f s up at or remove programs. you can download a security patch from oracle website but even homeland security has concerned over security. >> the safest thing to do is disable java. >> reporter: now some people may need java to access corporate sites and apps, if
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you need it install the update for everyone else the homeland security warning is directed to pc users it is adviced everyone including mac users disable java. got up yesterday morning looked outside, thermometer, 25. one was 24 and one 25 cat wanted out i said no. >> nice warm fuzzy slippers. >> my dog has done the peek. no, i will wait until later
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dad. this is cold six straight ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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rebirth to the 49ers when hs hired in 2005..that didn't k out...but how much credit ds the former coach have to do wite 49ers current success??? " " mike noelani is now the
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